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Douglas Lamont, former CEO of innocent drinks, shares his insight on how and why businesses should be transparent in the modern world.

About this event

Transparency is a hot topic in business at the moment, but many CEOs remain uncertain about how much information they should share about their business, both internally and externally. Innocent drinks, however – under the leadership of CEO, Douglas Lamont – have led the way when it comes to transparency, democracy, and inclusion in business. Before moving on to his new role as the CEO of Tony’s Chocolonely later this year, Douglas has kindly offered to host our CEO circle this month, where he will share key insights to help our CEOs understand how they can use transparency to benefit their businesses. Key points of discussion:

  • External transparency: Does our drive for greater inclusion in business inevitably require more transparency?
  • Internal transparency: Are we, as leaders, listening enough to our team, and do they feel heard?
  • Practical concepts for inclusion and transparency, and whether they actually work.

Our CEO Circles are active learning groups with improvement and development in mind. They are quick, confidential, and – most importantly – focused on truly actionable advice. We encourage members to come ready with their own ideas, learnings, and questions for the group so we can have the most informative and productive session possible. We expect this session to be extremely popular and spaces are limited, so please only sign up if you intend to come.

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