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All Together was founded amid the pandemic to help British SMEs survive. Our mission was, and is still, powered by our amazing Volunteer Advisors, current or former CEOs themselves, who offer their time and advice to small business founders or CEOs for free. But, although the pandemic is largely over, a need for advice and guidance endures – in fact was probably always there – and our mission has evolved to acknowledge this. 

Previously, we offered members a one-off connection, allowing up to five hours of one-to-one advice with our Volunteer Advisors. A good start, especially during the pandemic when issues were particularly specific and time-sensitive. But long-term, we realised that this didn’t align with our aim of providing ongoing support to these CEOs, or build upon the community we had unwittingly created. And community, for those traveling a fundamentally lonely career path, has proved to be significant, too.   

We didn’t name ourselves ‘All Together’ for the sake of it. We did so because we believe that building better business should be a collective effort, and the last two years have only reinforced that idea. Our ambition is to build a community of CEOs, founders and owners who share their experiences and lessons freely to help every member succeed. To make this a reality, we have initiated several changes to our platform, which are reflected in our brand-new website. 


number 1

One-to-one, every year.

We have decided to renew our one-to-one offering every single year, and the time at which members can make use of it is entirely at their discretion. Our new One-to-One Advice page explains this aspect of our service in more detail, which you can find, here.

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Strength in numbers.

Furthermore, a dedicated Gatherings page now allows members to browse all our events, past and present. So, whether you want to attend an upcoming CEO Circle or Three Things Summit, or revisit one you missed, this page is your first port of call.

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The Library.

We have also grown our content offering to satisfy the need for quick, easy to find answers. The Library hosts podcasts, write-ups, video recordings, short clips, and even audio snippets in a centralised hub allowing members to search, sort, and sift through all our content with ease to find exactly what they need help with, 24/7, 365.

As part of our new model, we plan to introduce even more benefits for our members. Early access to our online content, so you can implement our advice before anyone else, and the opportunity to book pro bono advisory sessions with our partners, are two things to keep an eye out for in the near future. 

We would like to thank all of our current members and Advisors for your enduring support and feedback. Without you, All Together would not be where it is today, and we cannot stress how grateful we are. 

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