As the second season of our Three Things podcast draws to a close, we’re looking back over the last twelve months to revisit some of the best advice offered by our amazing guests. From how customer service can help you conquer an entire market to boosting the appeal of your business to successfully raise in a desolate investment environment, this article is guaranteed to contain actionable advice for every CEO and founder.

Putting the Customer First with Aron Gelbard

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In one of the most insightful episodes of the year, we welcomed Aron Gelbard, Co-founder and CEO of Bloom & Wild, the trailblazing online floristry brand which has revolutionised the UK market in under a decade.

The secret behind Bloom & Wild’s astonishing success, Aron revealed, is a relentless commitment to customer experience. Every decision is anchored by the desire to improve the customer journey, making the act of buying and receiving flowers as special and heartfelt as possible. This ethos was exemplified perfectly by Aron’s somewhat unconventional attitude to scale, which he claimed should never be a measure of success, but rather a tool to elevate customer satisfaction.

Rich with actionable insights and invaluable advice, this episode is a must-listen for any leader aiming to scale their business. Catch the full conversation on Spotify, Apple, and other major streaming platforms.

Poetry in Motion with Evgeny Shadchnev

In December, we were honoured to host Evgeny Shadchnev, Co-founder of Makers, for a conversation that dissected his remarkable journey of personal and professional development. A tapestry of ambition, courage, and keen self-awareness, Evgeny explained how his story had a profound effect on his attitude towards life in general, and his approach as a Leadership Coach.

Underpinning our entire discussion was the transformative power of literature, which Evgeny revealed as a key part of his coaching philosophy. For him, poetry in particular serves as a potent gateway that allows leaders to connect with their emotions on a deeper level, thereby enabling them to make astute decisions even in high-pressure situations.

For any leader experiencing trying times, this podcast was an encyclopaedia of unique advice that can be implemented to drastically improve decision-making. Listen now on Spotify, Apple, and other platforms.

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The Regenerative Revolution with Galahad Clark

Galahad Clark, a seventh-generation cobbler and the visionary founder of Vivobarefoot, joined the podcast in January to share the inner workings of his revolutionary footwear enterprise. Deeply influenced by Galahad’s Quaker roots, Vivobarefoot’s mission is a compelling one: to reconnect humanity with nature by championing the unparalleled benefits of walking barefoot. But the magic didn’t stop there.

Tune in to understand why Vivobarefoot has dismantled traditional corporate hierarchies, the reasoning behind Galahad’s caution against ‘impatient capital’, and how the business holds itself accountable in the pursuit of absolute ethical transparency.

Galahad’s wealth of wisdom for anyone aiming to blend a mission-driven ethos with pragmatic business acumen is available now on Spotify, Apple, and other major platforms.

Revitalising the Pension Market with Romi Savova

For our next episode, we invited Romi Savova, the force behind the UK’s leading online pension provider, PensionBee, to the hotseat. Born in communist Bulgaria and raised in post-Apartheid South Africa, Romi explained how her upbringing fostered a unique, purpose-driven ethos, and how that helped her to revolutionise an industry in dire need of modernisation.

She revealed how PensionBee differentiates itself from competitors not only by streamlining pension management, but also by offering customers an unprecedented level of control over their finances. Romi continued to add that that level of innovation and individuality transcends every aspect of the business, even its funding, as she presented a compelling argument for her decision to eschew traditional venture capital in favour of a public offering.

This episode is a goldmine of insights for anyone interested in marrying social responsibility with business innovation. Tune in now on Spotify, Apple, and other major platforms.

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Pursuit of Happiness Thom Elliot

The Pursuit of Happiness with Thom Elliot

In a mouth-watering next episode, we sat down with Thom Elliot, one-half of the fraternal duo behind the London-based pizzeria, Pizza Pilgrims. After launching in 2012, Thom and his brother have continued to offer a slice of something different: a perfect blend of family hospitality, authentic Italian ingredients, and a work culture that prioritises happiness above all else.

The genesis of Pizza Pilgrims was itself a pursuit of happiness, a journey for Thom and his brother to escape the mundanity of the 9-5 and has remained the very essence of the business. That is perhaps most evident in Thom’s growth philosophy, which is all about enhancing the lives of his employees, suppliers, and of course, his customers.

Dig into this episode to find out why and how Pizza Pilgrims puts happiness at the core of its business model, and understand why more hospitality ventures could benefit from following suit, via Spotify, Apple, and other major platforms.

The Crucible of a Corporate Crisis with Nicola Thompson

In an intensely candid episode that proved to be our most impactful ever, we were joined by Nicola Thompson, former CEO of, for her first public conversation since the company’s demise in 2022. From soaring freight costs to a market shaken by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Nicola faced daunting odds from the outset, but her admirable sense of duty and immense courage fuelled her determination to lead the company through the storm.

This was a story of extraordinary bad luck and circumstance, where everything that could go wrong seemed to do just that. But Nicola’s remarkably resilient approach to leadership—rooted in ‘radical acceptance’ and enduring grace—is something every business leader should learn a great deal from.

For anyone navigating complex challenges, this episode is a shining example of how to lead under intense pressure and serves as a blueprint of the psychological fortitude required in crisis moments. Listen now on Spotify, Apple, and other major platforms.

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Navigating the New Investment Climate with Adam Balon

Following the astounding success of our previous episode would be no mean feat, but our next guest certainly had the credentials to do just that. June saw us welcome legendary innocent Co-founder, Adam Balon, to explore the new pastures that awaited him after his departure from the business.

Adam shared how his learnings from innocent moulded the distinctive approach he employs today as the Co-founder of JamJar Investments. Describing the fund as a ‘highly incentivised HR consultancy’, he emphasised the importance of recognising the untapped potential of founding teams above all else, before offering exclusive insights into the current investment climate.

Add this one to your playlist for a fascinating exposition of how the investment market has shifted, including the new type of founder that will benefit as a result, from one of the most successful founders of his generation. Available on Spotify, Apple, and other platforms.

Leading Through Kindness with Ella d’Amato

To conclude this epic series of our Three Things podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Ella d’Amato, True Global’s Managing Director, Investment & CMO for what was a truly spellbinding discussion. From humble beginnings to running multimillion-pound agencies, Ella’s life is a mosaic of resilience, ambition, and ingenuity that has shaped her brilliantly refreshing approach to leadership.

As a values-based leader, Ella shared how leaning into her natural resources of empathy and kindness helps her to cultivate a workplace where everyone feels psychologically safe. Considering she leads an enterprise that is equally as distinctive as herself, this methodology is particularly effective, allowing for diverse teams with a wide array of operational objectives to work together with remarkable synergy.

For anyone that aspires to lead diverse teams authentically, this episode is worth its weight in gold. Tune in on Spotify, Apple, and other major platforms.



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We want to give a massive thank you to all our guests, whose captivating stories, amazing insights, and actionable advice have made this series such a resounding success. And we would also like to show our gratitude to our listeners, whose enthusiasm and positive feedback make the recording, editing, and publishing of our podcasts such a rewarding process. Keep your eyes peeled for season 3 of the Three Things podcast, where we’ll be joined by more of business’ biggest names and personalities.