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Join host Meg Lustman, NED at Ted Baker, for an exploration into omnichannel profitability, customer led approaches and brand control.

About this event:

The Trading Challenge

We live in world where the customer is in charge. They’re offered endless choices and have multi-factorial and complex needs.

So, as brand-owners we need to think more like our customers.

The Omnichannel Approach

At its best, an omnichannel approach facilitates a brand to be visible and available wherever the customer is looking for it. It enables easy transaction and fulfilment , regardless of customer or product location.

But how do you create this availability without losing control or profitability?

Join Volunteer Advisor Meg Lustman (Ted Baker, Hobbs), for an exploration into Omnichannel and the customer-led brand approach.

Deep Dive Topics:

  • Where your customers are and therefore where it is logical for you to be seen?
  • How accessible you want your brand to be. Will broader distribution cannibalise demand and allow your customer to be hijacked? Or is it the most way to grow quickly and relatively cheaply.
  • Which parts of your brand you can allow to be messed with, and which should you try to maintain control of?
  • The difference between selling platforms ( E.g. ASOS) compared to functional platforms ( E.g. Total Platform) and which works best for your strategic growth?
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