“Poetry doesn’t give you any answers, but it acts like a mirror – reflecting, and helping you better understand what’s happening inside.”

Evgeny Shadchnev asks a lot of questions. As a business coach, he’s trained to do just that. But it is the types of questions he asks, and the methods he uses to ask them, that make him such an effective coach.

Evgeny’s journey from small-town Russia to founder of Makers is as inspiring as it is unusual. A software engineer by trade, he somehow learned to tap in to his emotions – and to trust his instincts when making the toughest of decisions – and it is this that we find most inspiring.

In this latest episode of All Together’s Three Things podcast, Jamie and Evgeny discuss Evgeny’s story, the importance of emotional intelligence in business, and how poetry can be a powerful management and coaching tool to help us all connect more directly with our feelings.

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