A tech company based in Wrexham, a main office with a built-in pub, and a major property lease in the US signed over FaceTime? Join us for our latest Three Things Podcast episode as we sit down with Joanna Swash, the dynamic CEO of trailblazing customer service outsourcing brand, Moneypenny.

Known for her exceptional leadership and forward-thinking approach, Joanna shares the secrets behind Moneypenny’s extraordinary scale-up operation, which has seen it grow into a global leader in outsourced communications.

Listen in as we delve into the unique culture that Moneypenny fosters, a culture that values innovation, employee well-being, and community above all else. Joanna explains how Moneypenny’s Wrexham office, complete with its own pub, epitomises this ethos, creating a workplace that feels more like a community than a corporate office.

Joanna also sheds light on Moneypenny’s successful expansion into the US market, highlighting their strategic office opening in Charleston – a ‘Wrexham away from home’ – and key acquisitions that have bolstered their presence overseas.

This is a treasure trove of advice that any CEO or Founder – and, in particular, those looking to scale – can use to enhance their own business operations. Listen now on Spotify, Apple, and all other major platforms.

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