This month we sat down with Ella d’Amato, the dynamic Managing Director, Investment & CMO of True Global and former Not On The High Street CMO, for our Three Things podcast. Joining us to explain her unorthodox, and utterly brilliant, route to becoming a CEO, this wide-ranging conversation is one you really shouldn’t miss.

As a unique trifecta of VC, PE, and innovation, True is a truly special enterprise. But the real gold dust in this conversation is how Ella and her colleagues are able to balance their personal mantras with the company’s values, and her stunning perspective on how they interact and synergise within the workplace and beyond.

Tune in to discover more, including the reasons behind Ella’s determination to lead through kindness, how the current economic situation could be a positive, and for her Three Things – three pearls of wisdom that you can implement in your business today. Available now on Spotify, Apple, and other major streaming platforms.

Ella dAmato Square