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Jill Easterbrook, former CEO of Boden, gives her advice on how to tackle wages in the midst of inflation

About this event

Our CEO Circle this month is hosted by Jill Easterbrook, former CEO of Boden and current REMCO Chair for Auto Trader UK and Ultimate Products. With experience across multiple sectors and organisations, Jill will offer her insight into the wage conundrum as inflation hits record highs and CEOs are faced with the challenge of paying fair wages whilst keeping their business afloat. Key points of discussion:

  • If, and when, to issue a pay rise – and how much.
  • Mitigating pay rises through productivity, revenue growth or smart hiring.
  • Alternatives to blanket rises – equity, temporary boosts and bigger rewards.
  • Retaining employees in the current market.
  • Expertise from Jill’s own experience on multiple RemCo committees.

Our CEO Circles are active learning groups with CEO development in mind. They are always snappy, private and most importantly, focused on actionable advice. We hope everyone will come ready with their own ideas, learnings, and questions for the group. Spaces are limited so please only sign up if you intend to come.

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