In what is a rapidly evolving landscape, the line between fact and fiction when it comes to generative AI has often been blurred. With our upcoming event, however, we’re offering a transformative experience designed to illuminate the mysterious avenues of AI innovation in business.

Through real use cases, in-depth panel discussions, and hands-on workshops, industry experts will demystify the haze of hype surrounding AI, providing our members with answers, as well as a tangible blueprint they can use to implement AI in their businesses.

As we stand on the brink of a new era, this event is the perfect opportunity to gear up, adapt, and position your enterprise for the best chance of success in the age of AI. Sign up today to secure your ticket, here.

Keynote Speakers

Greg Jackson, Founder & CEO of Octopus Energy

Greg Jackson, the dynamic CEO and Founder of Octopus Energy, brings to the table a profound understanding of AI’s transformative power in customer service. His keynote promises a deep dive into the seismic changes AI is effecting in an area that already performed amazingly well at Octopus, but has been improved further with the application of generative AI tools.

Our audience can look forward to an exclusive account of how Octopus is revolutionising its customer service with AI, Greg’s ‘Three Things’ – a trove of practical AI advice, ripe for immediate implementation – and to top it off, a Q&A session where you ask the questions.

greg jackson

Claudia Harris OBE, CEO of Makers

As the CEO of Makers, the UK’s leading tech training enterprise, Claudia Harris stands at the nexus of traditional business strategies and the cutting-edge of tech advancement. For the last decade, Makers has focused primarily on helping individuals transform their lives by teaching them to be competent software developers. Now, however, Makers is leading the charge in equipping non-tech professionals with the skills they need to seamlessly adopt and evolve with AI’s avant-garde tools.

Claudia’s speech will focus on how businesses can become AI-ready, ensuring they are best positioned to thrive in the new economy. For a taste of what Claudia will offer, tune in to our recent podcast episode on Spotify, Apple, and other major platforms.

Case Study Contributors

Edzard van der Wyck, Founder & CEO of Sheep inc.

The genius behind Sheep inc., Edzard van der Wyck has harnessed generative AI to create marketing campaigns that blur the lines between reality and technology.

Edzard’s venture into AI-powered videography and photography is pushing the boundaries of what is possible for small businesses in the world of advertisement, allowing them to trade blows with some of the biggest brands on the market at a fraction of the cost. Expect a mesmerising, actionable exposition of AI’s astonishing prowess in the creative field.

Edzard van der Wyck
Gurinder Dhillon

Gurinder Dhillon, Founder & MD of Otto Car

From a singular vehicle to a fleet of 5,000 in merely seven years, Gurinder Dhillon‘s Otto Car stands as a testament to visionary entrepreneurship. As Europe’s largest private hire fleet of electric vehicles, Otto Car’s journey has been nothing short of spectacular.

Gurinder will unveil the intricacies of how AI has become an integral part of Otto Car’s meteoric rise, showcasing the potential this revolutionary technology has in unlocking a competitive advantage for your business.

Yasmin Topia, Co-founder & CEO of Sociate AI

As the mastermind of Sociate AI, Yasmin Topia has redefined e-commerce personalisation by crafting an AI system that instantaneously aligns with customer intent and fashion trends, without the hassle of manual data labelling.

With past ventures backed by tech giants and her notable success in securing millions of pounds in investment deals, Yasmin is poised to provide an eye-opening perspective on the convergence of fashion and AI.

james nash

James Nash, Founder & Managing Partner of inBeta

James Nash‘s talent acquisition expertise spans from tech scale-ups to global icons. A Hogan Practitioner with Cultural Intelligence (CQ) certification and an attendee at Oxford’s Said Business School, he founded the award-winning BCorp, inBeta in 2020.

Since then, James’s vision has transformed traditional recruitment, leveraging genAI for richer talent insights and streamlining processes to be both swift and transparent. Join us to understand how inBeta’s cutting-edge use of genAI refines talent recruitment and integration, including many of the key learnings James has gleaned along the way.

Technical Gurus

Jon Francis, Founder of Chimnie

Named PwC’s British Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008, Jon Francis brings an impressive history of expertise to the table. In his current venture as the Founder of Chimnie, Jon has integrated a variety of AI tools into his personal workflow, and will dive deep into the art of maximising personal productivity for CEOs.

Attendees will be treated to actionable insights to make sure they not only stay up-to-date but are also leveraging AI to its full potential in their daily operations. Jon will give live demonstrations of some of the market’s most effective tools, like TimeOS, Shortwave, GPT Plus, and more.

Jon Francis

Duncan Roberts, Senior Manager at Cognizant Research

Drawing from his rich experience at Cognizant, Duncan Roberts operates at the intersection of today’s realities and tomorrow’s possibilities. As a thought leader and recognised futurist, Duncan brings unparalleled insights into the vast potential of GenAI in modern businesses.

Whether it’s optimising processes, enhancing decision-making, or fostering innovation, he possesses a profound understanding of the multifaceted capabilities GenAI can introduce to the workplace, which he will share with our members.

Anthony Waller, Corporate Partner – Technology at CMS

Anthony Waller stands at the forefront of tech-based legal expertise. As co-head of CMS UK‘s corporate technology practice, he advises both global tech giants and high-growth companies, particularly in AI, cyber security, and mixed reality sectors.

Beyond his hands-on legal acumen, he co-founded the award-winning CMS equIP Programme, supporting the next generation of innovative startups. Anthony joins to provide his pivotal perspective of technology and law, shedding light on the critical questions surrounding the legality of GenAI implementation.

anthony waller


We’re so excited to have such an extraordinary line-up of experts sharing their wisdom and insights with our members. We’d like to thank them all for offering their time for the benefit of our community, and we can’t wait for what is to come. A special thank you must go out to our event sponsors, CMS UK and Makers Academy, without whom this event would not be possible.

We encourage every CEO, founder, and business owner to attend what will be a truly enlightening afternoon with our community. If you want to join us on the 2nd of November, sign up here to secure your spot. But hurry, spaces are extremely limited.