Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising industries, streamlining operations, improving customer experience, and optimising costs throughout the business ecosystem. But there’s a whole realm of AI applications that many business leaders have yet to explore. In a recent podcast episode with All Together, Steve Schlenker, the Founding Managing Director of DN Capital, explored some of the most fascinating and practical uses of AI and the impact it has had for businesses.

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Customer Service Reimagined: Bridging Accents and Cultures


Steve Schlenker‘s CV Highlights //

2000-present // Co-Founder & MD – DN Capital

1995-99 // Investment Advisor – SUN Group

Various Board member roles including Yottaa, Robin Systems Inc, Parallel Wireless and Auto1.

When we think of customer service improvements using AI, we usually envision chatbots or automated response systems. However, Steve brought our attention to a transformative AI solution with the potential to radically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service, currently being utilised by call centres in the Philippines and India.

“The main use case of this technology is using AI to predict the next syllable a speaker is about to say in real time and, faster than you would be able to recognise, remove accents from spoken speech”, he revealed. “This is in addition to removing background noise, like the buzz of machines or the hum traffic, for instance.”

This is perhaps the most innovative solution to ensuring clearer pronunciation we have ever seen, and its ability to elevate the fluidity of communication will be incredibly useful for many businesses around the world.

The Impact

Customer Satisfaction: Less breakdown of communication between customers and representatives, leading to quicker query resolutions and increased satisfaction.

Efficiency: Call durations decrease, allowing representatives to handle more queries in the same period, thus reducing queue times for customers.

Job Satisfaction: Agents are no longer consistently asked to repeat themselves due to their accent, making them happier and often more productive.

Reduced Recruitment and Training Expenditure: With agents’ increased job satisfaction, retention is also boosted, meaning that the need to recruit and train new agents is significantly reduced.

Better Service for a Lower Price: The increased efficiency of calls, as well as the reduction in expenditure from reduced training and recruitment, means that service will improve while costs decline. Whether you outsource your customer service or handle it in house, this technology has monumental upside potential.

Despite predominantly being used outside of the UK right now, the application of this AI-driven solution is by no means limited to overseas call centres. Consider the thick Scottish accent, for example, although charming, it can be a challenge to understand, even for native English speakers. This technology allows any business to ensure clear communication irrespective of their customer service agents’ accents.

Beyond customer service, however, Steve explained that this technology will also be of significant value in telemedicine, where clarity can be life-saving, or online education, where coherent communication is pivotal for learning.

Revolutionising AB Testing and Video Marketing with AI

Another avenue where AI is making a substantial difference for businesses is within marketing. Many of us are aware of that fact already, but, as Steve highlights, AI’s prowess actually surpasses merely tailoring email suggestions or streamlining chatbot functionalities. It’s about fundamentally transforming how businesses structure their marketing campaigns, from the initial idea to the final rollout, without incurring exorbitant costs.

“Digital advertising that has video attached to it has a higher conversion rate than static advertising”, Steve began. “But the cost of that for retailers with thousands of SKUs is very high.” With the help of AI, however, Steve revealed that those costs can be reduced astronomically. “You can now create a lower end video for one 1000th of the cost”, he shared, “of having an actual model record the same video for a product.”

This might seem inconsequential, after all, what use is a low-quality video? Well, when it comes to AB testing, AI provides unparalleled benefits. Keen to discern the performance of a campaign with a male vs female actor? Or maybe evaluate the impact of an actor accompanied by a dog, or one against a serene beach backdrop as opposed to a sleek corporate environment? Instead of racking up huge bills producing these video variations, AI facilitates economical experimentation, and does so extremely quickly.

The Impact

Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC): With drastically more affordable ways of AB testing, businesses can precisely identify the most effective marketing strategy for different segments, considerably trimming the expense associated with drawing in each customer.

Optimised Retargeting: The same AI technology deployed in crafting these videos can be reallocated for retargeting initiatives. By delivering customised content, brands can effectively recapture and maintain their customer base’s engagement.

Amplified Lifetime Value (LTV): By tailoring the marketing approach and refining retargeting tactics, businesses can notably enhance the lifetime value of each patron. As Steve aptly remarks, a company’s intrinsic worth can be expressed as simply as its LTV over CAC.

In the realm of marketing, where every penny is pivotal, the capacity to design, refine, and launch campaigns effectively can be the difference between success and stagnation. AI represents the best way for businesses to reap the utmost return on every penny they invest in this area.

Avatars: Reshaping Education and Training in Business

In a similar manner to how it can augment and enhance video marketing, Steve shed light on how AI can also have significant benefits for internal training, compliance, and education. “Video education tends to have higher recall rates, as do compliance manuals done through video, as opposed to text”, he began. “But as a CEO or head of HR, for example, you really don’t have time to record educational videos or compliance manuals. You do, however, have time to create an avatar of yourself…”

He continued to explain that AI allows CEOs and senior executives to craft avatars in their likeness. These digital counterparts, equipped with natural language processing, facial movement recognition, and voice synthesis, can then be used to record entire educational series, saving valuable time.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Drawing upon the personalisation prowess of AI, these avatars can be tailored to cater to diverse employee learning styles. Some staff may resonate more with a relaxed, easy-going avatar, absorbing information best when it’s presented in a laid-back manner. Conversely, others might be more receptive to an avatar with a firm and authoritative disposition. With AI, it’s possible to gauge each employee’s preference and modify the avatar’s demeanour accordingly.

The Impact

Enhanced Learning Retention: With a video-based learning system driven by AI avatars, employees are more likely to retain and apply the knowledge they acquire.

Time-efficient: Leaders can efficiently communicate crucial information, without personally recording numerous videos, ensuring consistent messaging while saving time.

Personalised Learning: AI’s capability to modify content based on individual preferences ensures that each employee receives training in a format most conducive to their learning.

With training needs constantly evolving, AI avatars provide businesses with a solution that’s both effective and efficient, ensuring they remain agile and their employees well-equipped for the challenges ahead.


By tapping into the potential of AI in these unexpected domains, Steve emphasised that businesses can chart a course to unprecedented efficiency and growth. To delve deeper into the transformative power of AI in business, sign up to our upcoming Three Things Summit, ‘AI at Work: From Myths to Masterclasses‘, where industry leaders and AI experts will walk you through the how of implementing AI into your day-to-day operations. Spaces are extremely limited, so sign up today, here.